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I'm Sheena Marie, a professional celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur. As the founder/CEO of Sheena Marie Glam Squad, Sheena Marie Beauty Studio, Vanity Suites, Vanity Cafe, Chicago Makeup Academy, and Betty O cosmetics, I'm proud to empower women and young teens through the power of beauty. My journey as a business owner started with a prayer, and by the grace of God and hard work, became a reality. I'm a true testimony that prayer works and that with God, anything is possible. I love all the glitz and glam of being a woman, and I'm blessed to have the skills, knowledge, and an amazing team to become a successful makeup artist and business owner. Remember, ladies, you have the power to control your own destiny. Never settle for one level of living. Go out and be the woman that GOD created you to be, a loving testament of His excellence, glory, and power!



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